Infanta Cristina moving to Geneva whilst husband remains in Barcelona

Infanta Cristina moving to Geneva whilst husband remains in Barcelona

The Infanta Cristina is moving to Switzerland this month where she will be working organising international programs for La Caixa foundation coordinating its programs with United Nations agencies. The Infanta has worked for the La Caixa foundation since 1993 and has been involved with their international projects since 2009. According to the foundation she will also be involved with collaborative social and cultural

programmes with the Aga Khan Development Network which is also situated in Geneva. Her husband Iñaki Urdangarin, the Duke of Palma, a central figure in the Noos corruption case, involving the alleged embezzlement of €6 million of public funds meant for sports events, will be essentially staying in Barcelona indicating what is being called a ‘temporary separation’ for the couple. The Infanta is seventh in line to the Spanish throne and the couple have four children who will be living with their mother in Switzerland. As a result of the Noos case the Infanta Cristina has not appeared with the Royal family on official engagements since October 2011 which was shortly before her husband’s involvement with the case became public. The popularity of the Spanish royal family has fallen partly as a result of the Noos scandal. As a result there has been an increasing distancing between the Royal family and the Infanta’s husband.The news of the move to Switzerland by the Infanta came 24 hours after a judge in Barcelona court lifted a ban on media disseminating personal emails of the Duke of Palma. He had asked the court to prevent publication because he believed they would reveal intimate personal and family issues contrary to his rights of privacy in such matters. What some of these emails which have been published by the journal Mongolia and commented on elsewhere in the Spanish media allegedly indicate is that the Duke of Palma was involved in an extramarital relationship with the wife of a friend of both the Duke and the Infanta Cristina. The emails date back to 2003 and 2004.

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