CSI comes to Alicante University

Anyone interested in crime series on the television cannot have failed to have noticed the enormous increase in series featuring forensic science with possibly the American CSI series starting the whole process off. Interestingly this has led to huge increase in interest from students wanting to study criminology and forensic science. Here in Alicante last week more than 200 students from a range of disciplines gathered at

Orihuela introduces logo against gender violence

The Councillor for Equality, Emilio Zaplana, has presented a campaign against gender violence that will take place in the municipality of Orihuela. This campaign focuses on the inclusion of a newly created logo in all publications that support the City and its activities. The logo depicts the spiral of violence in which women are submerged or trapped under their partner. The logo will be printed on all the posters, brochures and advertisements published by the City Council, including a leading role

Magaluf's debauched reputation set to stay despite crack down

With 1 million British visitors worth an estimated €800m a year, businesses are reluctant to deter fun-seekers from visiting the Spanish holiday resort of Magaluf. It is 3am and the party is in full swing in Magaluf's wildest bars. It is Thursday night which is a ‘quiet night’ and a chance for revellers to catch a breather before the two weekend nights of riotous pub crawls. However, it is business as usual for the hundreds of packed bars and clubs that fill Magaluf's Punta Ballena strip.

Spaniards prefer to go to United Kingdom for work

The country that most Spaniards want to emigrate to and work in is the United Kingdom according to statistics from a survey conducted last year by ADECCO, a company that specialises in human resources in Spain. The United Kingdom came out top followed by the United States. Germany which had led the poll in 2011 by a considerable margin found the number of people naming it as a favoured destination halved last year. Switzerland was in third place followed by Germany.

Spanish women athletes slam handball bikini rules

Spanish women athletes criticise European Handball Federation regulations forcing them to wear skimpy bikinis. The sportswomen are angry about European handball rules that force female players to wear skimpy bikinis accusing sports officials of using their bodies to ‘lure people to the sport’. Under regulations set by the European Handball Federation, female beach handball players have to wear bikini tops and bottoms that are no wider than four inches (10cm)

Hidden Cash hunt causes 2000 euro clean-up bill

Authorities in Malaga are considering seeking damages against the organisers of ‘Hidden Cash’, after a recent scramble to find 700 euros hidden in the city resulted in a 2,000 euro clean-up bill. Last weekend Malaga became the latest city to host the social media-driven treasure hunt called ‘Hidden Cash’ which led to treasure-hunters following Twitter clues ransacking the city in bid to find money

Useful Numbers - Torreveija

  • Emergency 112
  • Guardia Civil 062
  • Policía Local 092
  • Policía Nacional 091
  • Hospital 965 721 200
  • Samaritans 902 883 535

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Useful Numbers - Benidorm

  • Emergency 112
  • Guardia Civil 062/ 965854030
  • Policía Local 092/ 966 807 766
  • Policía Nacional 965 855 308
  • Hospital 900 223 344
  • Samaritans 902 883 535