One in five passports stolen at airport

Watch out for thieves at ALICANTE AIRPORT CAR HIRE COLLECTION POINT, warns Consulate.  One out of five British passports stolen in Alicante province are taken at the airport, and half of them are removed from vehicles there, the British Consulate has warned.  Beyond the airport, a further one out of five British passports are stolen from vehicles on the road or in car parks. The high level of passport thefts from vehicles is the focus of a new drive by the Consulate and police to reduce the number of Britons who suffer the consequent losses of time and money.

Most wanted fugitive arrested in Amsterdam

A suspected drug trafficker from Liverpool has been captured in Amsterdam after being on the run for 12 years. Scott Coleman, aged 40, from Walton, who was arrested as part of a Police Scotland investigation in February 2003, was charged with possession with intent to supply heroin but failed to appear for trial at Edinburgh Crown Court and fled to Spain.  Coleman was detained by officers from Amsterdam

12 ways the world will end

Well in truth it’s not so much ways that the world will end as ways that human civilisation will end or least could end on good old planet Earth. This is not the first time that we have been regaled by pictures of doom, possibilities of global annihilation and so on but in this case it’s a group of researchers at the Oxford Martin School and Faculty of Philosophy, University of Oxford who have compiled a ‘scientific assessment about the possibility of oblivion’. Being a ‘scientific assessment’ I presume we are meant to take it more seriously than similar ‘squawks’ from. The tabloid press. The researchers themselves are from the Global Challenges Foundation and the Future of Humanity Institute (quite a mouthful) and their research:

Food for thought and thoughts on food

We devote a copious amount of time to discussing food. People love to tell each other what they ate or the lovely meal they enjoyed in some restaurant. Then take account of the time that most people spend preparing, serving and eating food, is it any wonder that eating comes a close second to the weather as our favourite topic of conversation. The only consolation is that in this twenty-first century we no longer have to grow the food or hunt and kill what we need to fill our stomachs.

Dismembered body found in boot of car

The dismembered body of a man in his 40s was discovered in San Javier.  The body, found in the boot of a car, has been identified as 47 year old Javier Romero Henarejos, a member of a well known family in San Pedro del Piñatar.  The victim had been reported missing earlier in February and it is believed he had been carrying a large sum of money at the time of his disappearance.

Coastal Department of Alicante province spends over €505,000 on Torrevieja improvements

A total of €505,118 has been invested by the Coastal Services of Alicante province in ongoing and emergency repairs to the walkways in La Mata and the Playa de los Locos. The Government Delegate in Valencia, Serafin Castilian was accompanied by the Head of the Provincial Coastal Services, Rosa de Los Rios, and the Government Sub Delegate in Alicante Alberto Martinez when they visited the area last week. There to greet them was the Mayor of Torrevieja Eduardo

Useful Numbers - Torreveija

  • Emergency 112
  • Guardia Civil 062
  • Policía Local 092
  • Policía Nacional 091
  • Hospital 965 721 200
  • Samaritans 902 883 535

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Useful Numbers - Benidorm

  • Emergency 112
  • Guardia Civil 062/ 965854030
  • Policía Local 092/ 966 807 766
  • Policía Nacional 965 855 308
  • Hospital 900 223 344
  • Samaritans 902 883 535