Valencian president wants €1 billion more from central government

The Valencian government has for a long time been requesting more money from Spain’s central government based on the number of people resident in the community. The president of the Community and leading ministers believe that the Valencian region is not getting a fair share of the national cake compared with other regions and as a result, particularly following the economic crisis,

Official rape advice criticised


Advice from the Spanish Interior Ministry on how to avoid rape has caused a backlash of criticism. Users on the social networks describe the Interior Ministry as macho and say they are blaming the victims. The advice included carrying a whistle as a method of dissuasion, and closing the curtains to avoid people making indiscrete looks.

The opposition parties have also criticised the document, saying rather than

Robin Williams’ death raises awareness of depression

The Samaritans is hoping the tragic death of Hollywood actor Robin Williams will help make powerful and positive changes by raising awareness of depression. Despite being a comic genius and gifted actor; a man who, in films like “Good morning Vietnam”, could make people laugh and cry almost at the same moment, Robin still felt lonely and depressed.The charity is asking people to think carefully about all the people around them, not famous or rich, just those in their everyday lives. For example, what about that little old lady two doors down

Quesada animal fundraiser success

Hundreds of residents from Quesada and the surrounding areas flocked to Mr Smiths on Saturday to help raise money for local animal charities and raised an amazing 1,500 euros. The money will be divided equally between: Costa Blanca Dog Homing, Pets in Spain and A.S.O.K.A. - all of which desperately need funds to help care for or transport abused and abandoned pets. In addition to the main charities, several other pet organisations took part in the fun day

Useful Numbers - Torreveija

  • Emergency 112
  • Guardia Civil 062
  • Policía Local 092
  • Policía Nacional 091
  • Hospital 965 721 200
  • Samaritans 902 883 535

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Useful Numbers - Benidorm

  • Emergency 112
  • Guardia Civil 062/ 965854030
  • Policía Local 092/ 966 807 766
  • Policía Nacional 965 855 308
  • Hospital 900 223 344
  • Samaritans 902 883 535