Thousands of Britons on benefits across EU

New research shows that at least 30,000 Britons on unemployment benefit are living elsewhere in the EU. Unemployed Britons in Europe are drawing much more in benefits and allowances in the wealthier EU countries than their nationals are claiming in the UK, despite the British government’s arguments about migrants flocking in to the country to secure better welfare payments.  At least 30,000 British nationals are claiming unemployment benefit in countries around the EU according to responses from 23 of the 27 other EU countries.

Trial begins of man who stole priceless book from cathedral

The theft of the valuable Codex Calixtinus was initially hailed as the theft of the century when it was realised it had gone missing from the Cathedral of Santiago de Compostela in Galicia in July 2011. However it turned out to be the work of a former worker in the Cathedral, an electrician who is believed to have held a grudge. José Manuel Fernandes Castineiras had worked at the cathedral for 25 years before he was dismissed over the falsifying of a work document. It is believed it was that dismissal that was the motive for the theft.

Paris terrorist linked with Spain

Paris bakery killer and his wife stayed in Spain just days before attack, say authorities. Spain’s National Court is investigating why one of the Paris Jihad terrorists who died after hijacking a Jewish bakery was in Madrid with his wife over the New Year period.  Amédy Coulibaly, a French national of Haïtian origin, who claimed his kidnap at the shop in the Porte de Vincennes area of the city was in the name of the Islamic State (ISIS), appears on CCTV footage at Madrid's Adolfo Suárez-Barajas airport on 1st January.

Spain helping in Mars 2020 project

Spanish researchers are forming part of the scientific and technical team put together for the Mars 2020 project. The aim of this NASA project, which will see an unmanned probe sent to the red planet, is to discover whether Mars could be colonised in the future or indeed whether it may have supported life in the past. The leader of the Spanish contingent is Professor Fernando Rull of Valladolid University and he is responsible for researchers from other Spanish universities including Madrid-Complutense, Málaga, the Basque country and

New Penal Code gets a majority in Congress despite criticism from Amnesty International

The proposed new Penal Code Bill was passed in Congress last week with a majority of 42 votes. It now has to go to Senate and is expected to become law before the next general election which could be in November this year. The Partido Popular have a majority in both the Congress and Senate which will ensure its passage through both houses despite the solid opposition from other political parties and criticism from Amnesty International. The new Penal Code Bill comes hard

Traffic case dropped against former Madrid regional premier

Judge Carlos Valle decided last week to drop the traffic case against the former Madrid regional premier Esperanza Aguirre on the grounds that there was insufficient evidence that she disobeyed the instructions of a police officer following an incident in the capital in April 2014. The judge said he had found that there were clear differences and discrepancies between the accounts of the Madrid police officers and the head of the Madrid PP. In addition, according to reports, the judge said he did not believe that the damage caused to the police motorcycle when Esperanza Aguirre drove off did not constitute a criminal offence. This followed both sides giving their accounts to the court in September

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