Rioja’s wineries draw tourists inland

Located far from the beaches that bring millions of tourists to Spain each year, La Rioja has sought over the past decade to draw visitors to its numerous wineries, many featuring stunning contemporary architecture.

The Rafael Lopez de Heredia Tondonia winery, is one of the oldest and most famous in Spain's northern region of La Rioja, in the village of

APAH needs you

Back in March this year APAH launched an appeal in The CoastRider for volunteers willing to work in its Cattery in an attempt to avoid its closure. Thanks to a great response, several people volunteered to help in the Cattery and APAH are delighted to report that they currently have enough dedicated helpers to ensure that their cats are cared for every morning throughout the week. 

However, so far they have not been able to re-instate the evening visits, so if anyone living local to Pinar de Campoverde would like to

Farmers want compensation for lost sales to Russia

The ban imposed by Russia on imports from the European Union is seriously affecting farmers in the agricultural sector who normally ship a range of fruit and vegetables to Russia either directly or through other European countries as third parties. The Spanish government in the form of the Agricultural Ministry estimate that losses in direct sales will be around

Useful Numbers - Torreveija

  • Emergency 112
  • Guardia Civil 062
  • Policía Local 092
  • Policía Nacional 091
  • Hospital 965 721 200
  • Samaritans 902 883 535

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Useful Numbers - Benidorm

  • Emergency 112
  • Guardia Civil 062/ 965854030
  • Policía Local 092/ 966 807 766
  • Policía Nacional 965 855 308
  • Hospital 900 223 344
  • Samaritans 902 883 535