In the last article we had a general look at this new organization, now let us look a little more closely at how it is working. In the first place it was felt that it would be best if people felt comfortable having to seek assistance and the way to achieve this was to form a ‘Club’ in which members could feel a part of the service and not that it was just another medical service.

It is not easy to tell a stranger about intimate problems, especially when they relate to a loved one but when you can talk, in your own language, to someone who is aware that you are a member of the club, it is much easier. Also the staff at Casaverde@home are tuned into a key word – FLEXIBILITY. No-one is going to insist that an applicant signs up to a full package of Care for example, what do you need will be the question, what is the frequency of visits required and what degree of medical or care aid will be necessary. No two cases in this field tend to be the same therefore generalizations are almost impossible. This is not the place to list all the services being offered by Club Casaverde but to give you an idea of the spread of the service it includes medical services such as Medical Consultations, Nursing Assistance, Physiotherapy and 24hr Emergency Service as well as more Social Services such as Meals on Wheels, Home Care Services, Companion Service and, even, Pet  Care. There are charity organizations in our area who offer their members some of the services which the Club Casaverde now offer but Casaverde is not seeking to become a competitor to these organizations. On the contrary it hopes to co-operate with them to the benefit of their members. Also, it should be remembered that there are well over a 100,000 ex pats of many countries in the Costa Blanca, whereas even the best run charity has only about 2,000 members, speaking one language. So there are thousands of people who were without a source of assistance. By forming a club it has allowed Casaverde@home to know the numbers  who are aware of the services and this in turn has allowed them to give a discount of 20% on many of the services. Ah, you say, they are a private company who charge for these services. Yes, but consider Carers for example.  The charge for bi-lingual carers is €13.70 per hour. Try getting a quality plumber for that. Let us take the case where the cost of essential support is beyond the means of the club member, now Club Casaverde has another service for it’s members  - assistance with processing and seeking grants. Over 20 years experience and a multilingual backing of nearly 400 multidisciplinary staff makes the Casaverde Group a good friend to have.


Jim McEleny

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